Living a sober life after recovering from addiction can be challenging for anyone who has been going through a drug use disorder. That is why numerous drug rehab centers are on the rise to assist their clients as they embark on the long journey of sobriety. Drug rehab facilities vary depending on the type of addiction that they treat, the treatment method used and the clients present in the facility. However, they all have a common goal: to alleviate and completely stop the addiction as well as help clients regain their healthy lives and prepare to return to daily life.


Drug Detoxification

Drug detoxification is the first program that all clients engage in upon arrival at our addiction recovery center in Dallas, Texas. It is the process of eliminating the drug substances in the body while going through withdrawal symptoms. Our experts in our Dallas drug detox clinic carry out supervised detoxification process and help in the management of the unpleasant symptoms. Some of the symptoms most clients experience include sweating, insomnia, watery eyes, anxiety and muscle aches, as well as a runny nose. Supervision is imperative to prevent any harm or physical injury.


Specialized Therapies in Rehab Center

Detoxification alone increases the chances of a relapse. Therefore, the rehab centers include various psychotherapeutic treatments in their addiction recovery program to facilitate complete recovery of the clients. Blue Meadow Institute rehabilitation centers integrate different types of therapies to promote healing and facilitate re-entry to the society. Some of them include:


  • Individual therapy

The clients in our Dallas addiction treatment center engage one-on-one with a health professional for a private session. The experts design the session according to the client’s needs. Additionally, the professional offers insight on addiction and helps motivate the client, who acquire a strong sense of inner strength and self-esteem after completion of the individualized and unique sessions.


  • Group Therapy

Our Dallas substance abuse treatment facility brings together clients struggling with similar addiction problems and helps them ease their burden. Group therapy creates a safe and secure environment that allow individual to share their stories, experiences, and thoughts openly. Sharing helps individuals deal with their addiction and help other people in the same situation realize they are not on their own. Sharing the experiences may lead to the development of a strong bond and a stable support group that will aid in complete recovery.


  • Family therapy

The Blue Meadow Institute addiction treatment facility in Dallas recognizes the importance of family members when going through the addiction recovery process. Family therapy sessions involve the participation of the family members who share the experiences of how the family bonded before one of their loved ones began to take drugs. It involves reconciliation and forgiveness.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

SAMHA statistics indicate that approximately 8 million clients in drug rehab centers had a mental health condition and faced a substance abuse problem in 2014. Our drug rehab facility in Dallas integrates a dual diagnosis treatment for the clients with mental or behavioral health condition and a substance abuse problem that occur simultaneously. Additionally, the Dallas addiction recovery facility conducts continued assessment and helps the clients develop a clear plan to prevent relapse.


Reentry and After Care Service

Re-entry to the society and readjusting to everyday life can be challenging to anyone who has just completed an addiction recovery program. The client may not require the service given at the rehab center, but they need a strong aftercare plan to help them engage with the community members. Some clients may opt to stay in a sober living home instead of transitioning back to the world abruptly. Counseling and support are essential at this stage to prevent the clients from falling back.

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