At our drug rehab center in Greenville, South Carolina, we are using time-tested recovery techniques and treatments coupled with the latest therapies to achieve long-term recovery for our clients. We have seen many individuals who at first doubted that sustainable recovery was possible. However, after receiving care and learning how to take control of their lives, these individuals are enjoying the benefits that come from living free of substance abuse. For many, the key to success involves dual diagnosis treatment.


What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Our Greenville, South Carolina addiction treatment clinic provides dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment is based on the fact that for many people it is not only the addiction that is causing an issue, but also a co-occurring mental health disorder.


An approach to recovery that does not take into consideration possible co-occurring mental health disorders will not prove to be effective. Substance abuse is often driven by an undiagnosed or co-occurring mental health disorder. As a result, many individuals do not get the help they desperately need when they do not receive dual diagnosis mental health treatment.


At our Greenville, South Carolina drug rehab clinic, we understand the intrinsic link that exists for many between mental and emotional health and substance abuse. For this reason, our focus is addressing both issues using dual diagnosis mental health treatment.


Options for Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Group therapy is an invaluable tool in their journey to recovery. Individuals dealing with addiction can benefit immensely from group sessions. Working with others in a group setting can engender a feeling of community, support, and an increased feeling of self-worth.


The one-on-one sessions offered at our Greenville, South Carolina substance abuse treatment facility allow our clients to address any co-occurring mental health conditions as well as any addictive disorders. Because of how closely they are linked, it is imperative that both conditions are treated at the same time.


Many of the clients visiting our Greenville, South Carolina addiction recovery center comment on how their addiction and their co-occurring mental health disorder is affecting their family. For this reason, we feel that couple counseling and family therapy is a significant part of helping our clients recover. For some, their family may play a key role in their addiction or in their mental health challenges. When loved ones play an active role in recovery, the end results are often impressive.


We are proud of the work being done at our Greenville, South Carolina addiction treatment center. We have helped many get on the road to recovery, and we look forward to using our skill and training to help you.

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