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Blue Meadow Institute drug rehab centers are dedicated to helping people who are currently struggling to overcome the effects addiction has on their lives. Substance dependency is a disruptive, debilitating force that prevents victims from fully pursuing their goals and dreams. Our addiction recovery center in Union, New Jersey seeks to help clients take back control of their future through dedicated programs and solutions that provide real, long-lasting results.


Customized Recovery Programs

Beating addiction is rarely a fast or simple process, but we believe it is always a reachable goal for those willing to pursue it. One of the most important things to understand about addiction is that it is not that same for everyone. While individuals who struggled with addiction have faced many common situations and feelings, each one also has unique challenges based on their personal history and current circumstances.


We believe that every client deserves a program that is truly tailored to their needs, which is why we create a customized addiction recovery program for each person. The staff members at our drug detox clinic in Union take the time to consult with each client in a private setting so they can determine what activities, therapies and treatment techniques are best for them.


Monitored Detoxification

Detox is an opportunity to break free from the bindings of addiction and take a big step towards recovery. We know that this process can be daunting or even frightening for many individuals, which is why we do our best to create a positive and welcoming environment that allows clients to get through the first part of their addiction recovery plan.


Those seeking addiction recovery at our Union substance abuse treatment facility have the full benefit of supervised detox. Dedicated and trained staff members oversee the process to watch for signs of physical or mental health concerns that may need to be addressed. They are also there to provide encouragement, counseling and therapy throughout the process.


A Safe and Friendly Drug Rehab Facility

Creating a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment is always a priority at our Union addiction recovery facility. We want everyone to feel at home while they stay with us so they can eliminate outside sources of stress and focus all of their effort on getting better. Our staff members aren’t here to judge or criticize. Rather they are here to help clients embrace a positive attitude and beat their addiction alongside others who are pursuing the same goal.


Personal and Group Counseling

Group counseling sessions may be a well-known conventional tool for those struggling with addiction, but they are also a highly effective and therapeutic activity for those seeking recovery. Clients at our addiction treatment center in Union have plenty of opportunities to talk about their experiences to an understanding audience and gain by listening to what others share in the discussion.


Our staff members also talk to each client individually on a regular basis to learn more about each individual and follow their progress towards recovery. We use these meetings as a resource for developing customized treatment plans and adjusting current strategies to provide the best results possible.


Learn More about Our Addiction Treatment Facility

Those who are looking for more information about our rehabilitation facilities are welcome to contact our center to request details regarding our programs and policies. Our staff members are happy to discuss the ways we help clients recovery from addiction, as well as continuing solutions for those who have finished their program. We look forward to meeting each new client and developing a customized strategy to help them overcome substance dependency and move forward towards a fulfilling future. You can be next, call Blue Meadow Institute today.

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