Rehab 101: What to Expect

Addiction can seem impossible to beat at times, but people can get the help they need to defeat addiction through qualified alcohol and drug rehab centers. Many clients aren’t sure what to expect when they arrive at our drug rehab center, so we’d like to provide some basic information. Here are a few facts about what you can expect when you show up to Blue Meadows Institute for our addiction treatment facility in Lake Forest, California.


Supervised Detox


Detoxifying from alcohol and drugs can be difficult due to both physical and mental symptoms. Supervision from an expert at an alcohol or drug detox clinic during the process, however, can help ease the process and provide you with the help you need. Fortunately, the worst part of detoxing from most substances is over in a few days, after which most people start feeling much better and more prepared to move on to other parts of the addiction recovery process.


Creating a Plan


Addiction can vary significantly between different people and varying substances, so creating an individualized plan is essential. Although the basics of recovery may be similar, these individualized plans provide a specialized map to improve the odds of long-term success. Client will learn what to expect over the course of treatment and begin entering therapy shortly thereafter.

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Individual Therapy


Addiction is itself a disease, but it is often influenced by other elements. Because of this, it’s important that those suffering from it tackle other problems that can make staying sober more challenging. At our Lake Forest, California clinic, clients receive therapy for their addiction and for co-occurring mental health issues. Treating these co-occurring disorders at once is more effective, as it helps clients find how their conditions interact with each other, which can make it easier to avoid relapse in the future.


Group Support


Many people are initially reluctant to enter group support. However, even people with strong social anxiety typically find it easy to open up relatively quickly. These groups provide the support many clients feel they’ve been missing, and they provide valuable insight through reflection. Recovering from addiction sometimes requires people to cut ties with those who enable their addiction. Through group meetings, however, most people find a new group of friends, many of whom remain close well after leaving the addiction recovery facility.


Tools for Staying Sober


Maintaining sobriety can be tough at times, and temptation is common after leaving an addiction treatment center. Fortunately, there are powerful tools and techniques people can learn, and clients will be well prepared when they depart from our drug rehab. In addition, clients one meets at our substance abuse treatment facility can provide ongoing support and serve as guides if urges strike after you’ve graduated from our drug abuse treatment facility. The tools learned at our alcohol and drug rehab facility can help people succeed over the years.




Addiction can cause significant damage, and the problems people create due to addiction can be difficult to handle. While staying at an addiction recovery center is primarily about learning how to stay sober, clients can start rebuilding along the way. Individual therapy focusing on rebuilding a healthy life may play a valuable role over the years, and people seeking treatment should know that there’s reason for hope, even if their lives seem to have fallen into shambles.




Parts of an addiction recovery program will be difficult. However, addiction recovery is also exciting, and many clients start to see hope for the future while in treatment. This is a great time to start thinking future goals, and many feel a strong drive to succeed once they’re able to maintain sobriety. Recovery itself can be a powerful motivator that drives people to live exciting, fulfilling lives.


Addiction is a tremendous burden, but it is one that can be overcome. While no program can guarantee clients won’t relapse, modern rehab has a proven track record and countless success stories. If addiction is affecting your life, consider joining Blue Meadow Institute at our Lake Forest, California substance abuse treatment facility.

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